The World Bank Group (World Bank/IFC/MIGA/ICSID, the “WBG”) relies on people like you to ensure that our projects are executed with integrity and benefit the people they are designed to help. If you have a specific concern about possible fraud or corruption involving a WBG project or WBG staff or vendor, please fill out this short form. Provide as much information and detail as you can. This record will help the WBG’s Integrity unit (INT) to properly evaluate your complaint. Thank you for your vigilance.

The "Category" page template renders child pages using a navigation menu above the main body of the page. This layout is useful for complex topics with classifications and subtopics, since you can present multiple related topics with easy access for backtracking or skipping ahead. This template is similar to the "Full Page" template, because it spans the main body content across the entire width of the page and doesn't include sidebars.

You can use the main category page to provide an introduction to a complex topic before drilling down into specific concepts on child pages.

Child pages make use of the "Category Topic" template.